Lifeguard Pool Orientation 2020

Pool Names Date Time
Aliana 24-Apr 9am
Aliana- Westmoor 1-May 12pm
Barwood 14-May 5:30pm
Brightwater 24-Apr 12pm
Cane Island 24-Apr 9am
Canyon Gate at the Brazos 15-May 11am
Champions Park 15-May 4:30pm
Chimney Hill 24-Apr 4pm
Cinco Ranch Beach Club 24-Apr 12pm
Cinco Ranch Equestrian Village 16-May 4pm
Cinco Ranch Greenway Village 15-May 11am
Cinco Ranch Highland Park 24-Apr 9am
Cinco Ranch Northlake 15-May 4pm
Cinco Ranch South Ranch 24-Apr 12pm
Cinco Ranch Waterpark 24-Apr 3pm
Coles Crossing 1 24-Apr 1pm
Coles Crossing 2 16-May 11am
Commonwealth 1 – Knightsbridge 29-Mar 5pm
Commonwealth 2 – Briarwood 24-Apr 3pm
Copper Lakes Longenbaugh 25-Apr 11am
Copper Lakes West 25-Apr 1:30pm
Cypress Landing 24-Apr 4pm
Deerfield Village 24-Apr 9am
Elyson Residential 2-May 9am
Fieldstone 25-Apr 12pm
First Colony Alcorn Oaks 16-May 4pm
First Colony Aquatic Center Leisure 24-Apr 3pm
First Colony Creekshire 24-Apr 12pm
First Colony Cresent Lakes 15-May 11am
First Colony Heritage Colony 16-May 11am
First Colony Lexington Colony 24-Apr 9am
First Colony Magnolia Plantation 25-Apr 11am
First Colony Woodstream 25-Apr 2pm
Gleannloch Farms Athletic 16-May 11am
Gleannloch Farms Rec 24-Apr 10am
Gleannloch Farms The Bluff 16-May 4pm
Grand Lakes Emily Park Lane (Frog Pool) 24-Apr 9am
Grand Lakes Hollow Trace (Lazy River) 15-May 11am
Grand Lakes South Grand Brooks (SwimTM 15-May 4pm
Grand Lakes Spring Walk Lane (Rock Pool) 25-Apr 11am
Grand Oaks 24-Apr 12pm
Greatwood 1 24-Apr 9am
Greatwood 2 27-Apr 5:30pm
Greatwood 3 5-May 5pm
Green Trails 1 – Gerri Ayers 16-May 11am
Green Trails 2 – Park Cypress 25-Apr 2pm
Harvest Bend 12-May 5:30pm
Highland Knolls (Oak Park Trails) 25-Apr 12pm
Jordan Ranch 25-Apr 12pm
Kelliwood Fund 25-Apr 5pm
King Lakes 25-Apr 3pm
Lakewood Glen 16-May 1:30pm
Lone Oak 29-Apr 5:30pm
Mill Ridge 19-May 5:30pm
Morton Creek Ranch 17-May 6pm
Northlake Forest 24-Apr 12pm
Orchard Lakes Estates 1-May 9am
Pine Mill Ranch 24-Apr 3pm
Seven Meadows Central Park (Clubhouse) 25-Apr 3pm
Seven Meadows Gaston (Lap) 1-May 3pm
SG – Rec Center 25-Apr 11am
SG – Splashpad Pool 25-Apr 1:30pm
SG – Canyon Lakes West 24-Apr 3:30pm
SG – Canyon Lakes West 2 25-Apr 4pm
SG – Miramesa 25-Apr 12:30pm
Southcreek Vllge – Autumn Laurel 4-May 4:30pm
Southcreek Vllge – Park Falls 25-Apr 4pm
Southdown Village 27-Apr 5:30pm
Stablewood Farms 24-Apr 10am
Telfair Central Pool 25-Apr 5pm
Telfair Jurgensen Pool 27-Apr 5:30pm
Trails of Katy 24-Apr 12pm
Vanbrooke 24-Apr 3pm
Villages of Bear Creek 2-May 12pm
Westheimer Lakes North 25-Apr 12pm
Westheimer Lakes Splash 25-Apr 3pm
Williamsburg Settlement 25-Apr 3pm
Wortham Villages 24-Apr 1pm


If you have any problems with attendance please email