In-Service Requirements & Schedule 2019

Please review the schedule according to your DIRECTORS area. You must attend one in-service for each week listed below. There will be an option of two in services to attend per area. You CANNOT attend two in services in one week to satisfy your monthly requirement.
** You are also required to attend all in-services run by your Manager for your pool.

What to wear: swim suits *
What to bring: guard equipment (hip pack complete)
Staff requirements: To be prepared and ready to work on skills. Supervisors will prepare for upcoming inservice at the supervisor meeting. Supervisors need to arrive 15 minutes early.

Behavior Expected: Professional and ready to work. This is a requirement of your employment. Supervisors, when you arrive, smile, are friendly, and talk to guards. Promote motivation from the moment the guards start to arrive.

* As soon as guards arrive at in-service you need to get in the water & swim 4 laps. You can eat donuts/snacks, drink water, and socialize after swimming. EVERYONE WILL SWIM!!!

** In-services following video-taped testings will last longer in order to have time to review the testings – positives & negatives of testings in general will be discussed.

Central/Cinco/Grand Lakes- Area Director Tiffani Moyer & Sam Perez; Asst. Director Macey Hudson & Austin Miller

Week 1 May 18th 7:30 AM Cinco Ranch Waterpark
Week 3 June 1st 7:30 AM Cinco Ranch Waterpark
Week 5 June 13th 8:00 AM Silvermill
June 14th 7:30 AM Cinco Ranch Waterpark
Week 7 June 27th 8:00 AM Silvermill
June 28th 7:30 AM Cinco Ranch Waterpark
Week 9 July 11th 8:00 AM Silvermill
June 12th 7:30 AM Cinco Ranch Waterpark
Week 11 July 25th 8:00 AM Silvermill
July 26th 7:30 AM Cinco Ranch Waterpark
Week 13 Aug 8th 8:00 AM Silvermill
Aug 9th 7:30 AM Cinco Ranch Waterpark


Katy- Area Director Tiffani Moyer

Week 5 June 14th 8:30 AM Cinco Ranch Waterpark


Cinco Ranch Water Park
24126 Hamptonshire Lane
Katy, TX 77450

3342 Deermoss Dr.
Katy, TX 77449